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Scuba Diving

Dr Roger Welch - Surgeon

Dr. Roger Welch started scuba diving at the age of seventeen while he was attending medical school.

Dr Welch comments:

During my medical school days we all watched Jacques Cousteau and Lloyd Bridges in SeaHunt, becoming fascinated by the underwater world.  The wonderful films produced by Jacques Cousteau stimulated my interest in Underwater Photography. 

My early scuba diving took place mainly at the Poor Knights Islands off the Northland Coast of New Zealand which is world famous for its clear waters and sub tropical marine life.

While initially I was a food type diver going after scallops and the obligatory Crayfish, once I acquired my first underwater camera - a Nikonas III with 35mm and 28mm lens - a whole new world opened to me; I was hooked on underwater photography. This gear had to do during my student years as I was not very financial; then in 1985 I travelled to Miami Florida to do my Fellowship training in Ophthalmology and was able to purchase a Nikon 15 mm lens which is a brilliantly sharp wide angle lens still in use today.

Scuba diving combined well with Ophthalmology and during two years in Miami I dived the wrecks and reefs of  South Florida, and travelled to islands of the Caribbean, Exumas, Abacos, and Grand Cayman.  Having settled on the Gold Coast, I take trips away every year to overseas destinations, and also dive regularly off Wooli, New South Wales at the North Solitary Islands in the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

I have uploaded some recent photos of Nudibranch taken with a housed Nikon D 80 digital camera to a special gallery/slideshow. I hope you will enjoy them.

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Best Nudibranch At North Solitary Islands - Click Here For Gallery

Best Nudibranch At North Solitary Islands - Click Here For Slideshow

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